Oh So British Catering | About
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To understand ‘Oh So British Events’, you will first need to know a little bit about the men who created the company.

Darren Ryder and Antony Smith first crossed paths working together in a kitchen at Goodison Park. Darren had just left the big city of London where he had spent many years working at a host of top Michelin star restaurants. He decided to go back to his roots and bring his expertise to new challenges up north. One of which was cooking for the board of directors at Everton Football Club, here he met a young teenage Antony and took him under his wing. Darren saw huge potential in the young eager chef and together they went on to win many accolades including directors choice award on three separate occasions and a Gold medal and Best in Class at Salon Culinaire.

After attending many festivals offering repetitive poor quality food, Antony and Darren noticed a gap in the market for high-quality restaurant style food to be served at outside events and festivals. So they launched ‘Oh So British Events,’ investing all of their time and hard earned money into their new business and creating their first street food van. Testing it out on food and drink festivals around the country, it was a learning curve, as they received rave reviews about their food but they were still to find their niche.

They later found this within the Jockey Club racecourses and bespoke events. Showcasing their talent and spectacular food, they have adapted to suit the requirements of their clientele. The business has moved from strength to strength and has won Best Mobile Caterer on UK racecourses in 2015 and 2018.

In 2018 at Aintree Grand National ‘Oh So British Events’ Catered for over 10,000 covers over a 3 day Event